Michael Keter

Merger & Acquisition Investor

Michael is a „passionate real estate and M&A Investor“ and co-founder of 7 different Inc. He has pioneered a number of projects investments such as: RBFA Restructuring Business Finances as Keeping Assets and most recognizable and innovative project „Phoenix“, which enables purchasing a real estate with an active mortgage loan, without down-payment and bank permission.

Michael as a visionary entrepreneur, can predicts unique and unusual possibilities available on the real estate and M&A markets. As an Investor he advises and consults other business owners on how to leverage, grow, scale and exit their companies. He enjoys to inspire others by acting pro-actively.

„The key to long-standing and stable success is about a leverage“ This is why Michael is a huge advocate of M&A market. 

Let’s take under the consideration a simple life example. 

Robert has decided to sell his company for SDE – Seller’s Discretionary Earnings, that is the amount of money he has taken out from his company in the last year. This amount was an equivalent of $1 mln. In other words Robert would have had to work 1 year for this amount. 

Jason has decided to sell his company for the same amount as Robert. However, before he finally sold it, he boosted the company to a level of MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue. Now Jason is going to sell it for the multiple of the net sales 6X $5 mln, on top line of $30 mln, which gives Jason 30 years generation. In other words Jason would have had to work 30 years to earn that money. Imagine Jason having 7 similar companies selling on average one in 5 years. This means every year he would add MULTIPLE YEARS WORTH OF INCOME.